Why Broward County

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Situated in southeastern Florida, the county of Broward has a populace of 1,952,778, as indicated by the 2019 Census Bureau estimation, making it the second-most crowded region in the state’s territory and the seventeenth most crowded district in the country.

It is the 7th largest in the land area and has the largest landmass in the conservation area. Popular for the Museum of Discovery and Science, scuba diving, snorkeling, and beaches and serves home to 31 municipalities, the area seat of the county is Fort Lauderdale.

The area is presently characterized by the encompassing bunch of progressively different rural areas cut out of Everglades swampland. “Browardization” has become a Florida expression of craftsmanship for overdeveloped and auto-dependent spread. It’s no incident that the only Fortune 500 company located in this traffic-clogged region is AutoNation. It’s additionally no happenstance that the frantic-as-hell novelist and reporter Carl Hiaasen, the versifier of the state’s debasement and ecological demolition, originated in Plantation in west Broward.

Where to visit on a limousine ride?

The county is most popular for the sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale seashores as honored in the 1960 spring break film ‘Where the Boys Are’. As anybody can catch the sunset, yet only a few can seize a sunrise, especially at Broward sun-beaming beaches. Anybody can generally feel renewed seeing the sunbeams get through the vivid mists on Hollywood Beach. Feeling excited, hire Broward limo rental cars by clicking on the Vehicles link at the top menu.

You will definitely enjoy the county’s wildlife at Anne Kolb Nature Center. The tourist spot is a 1,500-acre offshore mangrove wetland and is home to a wide diversity of wildlife, including some endangered species. Three broad rowing trails lead visitors to a wild territory for touring and fishing.

And if all these activities will make you hungry, Tark’s satisfies your cravings. This most-visited spot is an infamous local haunt in Dania Beach that serves the best seafood such as shrimp, clams, gator, and wings.

And there’s more local food at Southport Raw Bar where it takes expertise in shellfish, mollusk chowder, decorated with a beautiful waterfront view for diners.

Things to Do in Broward County

Here’s a tip. With the county’s wide selection of live music venues, you can perfectly end your perfect day in the area.

A spot that’s known among local people and guests, the Dive Bar, is a famous place for live rowdy groups, incredible burgers, and fascinating stylish decor, plus, an undeniable plunging suit.

Next, the most iconic Elbo Room has been serving locals and tourists for over 70 years, as being highlighted in the 1960 film “Where The Boys Are”. An evening spent with the sea breeze, perfect drinking mixed drinks is definitely an evening to remember.

And as the Original Fat Cats who have been serving customers for the past decade, they take pride to cater live music every night. Situated at Himarshee street, get served with a cold beer and hot tunes, and especially, live serenade not just for you, but for strollers in the area. Also, their theme nights engage more and more locals and tourists to visit their place.

But if you prefer jamming sessions, Revolution Live’s stage is waiting for you! The best in class like Pitbull and Neon Trees have played there and you’ll get more than enough from hip-hop, rock and pop, and the like. VIP packages are accessible there which entice people more attraction to the place.

Definitely, the county has a lot of incredible places anyone should not probably miss. Hop in and get yourself a Broward car rental today!

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