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This place is a lovely, incorporated town in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The town is situated from southwest 184th Street, east of US-1 to the coast, and to the north of Black Point Marina.

Generally called the Cutler Ridge, the area includes a land territory of 9.83 square miles and a water territory of 0.4 square miles. According to the 2020 evaluation, the incorporated town comprises 44,361 inhabitants.

The place is home to the pioneer immigrants who nurtured the area for transportation, industrial, and agricultural development. The famous historical Cauley Square Historic Railroad Village and other cultural shops, museums, and dinings attract tourists to visit the area.

The Whispering Pines Park in the city is a lovely park with a canopy of shading trees. Available in the play area are the soft grasses, picnic tables for friends and families, providing plenty of places for every local and tourist who want to visit the place and just relax with nature’s fresh air.

Also located in the city, the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center attracts locals and visitors, especially, the music enthusiasts. Be able to discover and explore the Miami culture and tradition with this city’s landmark. Not just a place for artists and performances, it also provides education and outreach activities for the community.

The Black Point Ocean Grill, an American seafood restaurant, is also a place for city visitors that should not be missed. Serving the best tastes and choices of seafood, diners are also serenaded by live music performances, plus with the perfect natural scenery available outside.

There are still a lot of restaurants in the city that cater to savory dining from various cuisines. Furthermore, adventure in the city is completed with a certainly worth-remembering night out around the city. Tourists express that they would always go back to the place for a second-experience.

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