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It is a residential town in Miami-Dade County of Florida, USA. The small village has a population of 2,380 individuals, covering a land area of 0.38 square miles.

Literally named “The Gate” in Spanish, it is a small, peaceful yet diversified city in the northeast section of the county.  The village exudes selections of residential choices, old-aged oak trees, gaining its reputation as a bird sanctuary.

The city’s shadowed roads and calm traffic make the network a cool, green desert spring, only minutes from downtown Miami. The town is scarcely a square mile and is flanked toward the south by the Little River, where huge numbers of flying creatures discover food for their survival.

The town is gradually assigned as a winged creature safe-haven by the state for over 50 years, which implies that the fowls and trees can't be hurt in any capacity. Absolutely given in the city is a nature trail that winds its way through the town.

Correspondingly, it flaunts connections to ancient Indian life at the Little River Mound, a four-foot-high, harmless lush meadow that is really an antiquated graveyard. Also situated within the city, the Sherwood Forest neighborhood is the main archeological site that is freely perceived and protected in Miami-Dade County.

Local’s untamed life, a few exotic intriguing animal varieties called El Portal Home, including glad wild peacocks and splendid green iguanas are some of the extinct wildlife being safely protected by the local government in the area.

The village likewise plays host to one of South Florida's most special memorable locales, an Indian Mound that was the main archeological site to get the noteworthy assignment in the county. 

One of the province's most established places of worship, the Radar Memorial United Methodist Church, which is shaped in 1923, likewise has flaunted its city address. While protecting its legacy, it has kept on impacting the world forever, turning into the principal network in the nation to choose a Haitian American for its committee in the 1990s.

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