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The sixth-largest municipality in Florida, it is a city in the county of Miami-Dade. The city serves about 224,000 residents with a total surface area of approximately 20 square miles.

This city is a dynamic, family-situated network recognized by its social legacy and conventions. The local people group is a remarkable mix of identities and societies, whose occupants take pride in their nationality and family, and accommodating neighborhoods.

The place offers a real dose of rich Hispanic culture. Anyone can walk into neighborhoods with street signs written in Spanish. It is the most-populated place with the Cuban community in the whole state. Its homey and central location attracts people to visit and eventually stay in the county.

The city is also for organizations of incredible craftsmen, artists, and workmanship devotees who have ascended from this city to share their accounts, making an expanding expression locale in the area that numerous tourists never anticipated. 

One of these is the Leah Arts District where the city owns a special living or workspace for craftsmen. The zone is intended to advance expressions and culture in the city and to give nearby craftsmen a spot to meet, trade thoughts, and put their most recent craftsmanship in plain view.

The other tourist spot is the Garden of the Arts. It is viewed as the city's own one-of-a-kind outdoor exhibition hall. It is a spot intended to encourage motivation and inventiveness.

This social park is an assortment of cleared strolling trails, green spaces, noteworthy wall paintings, landmarks, seats, one-of-a-kind lighting, an amphitheater, and even a raised stage with turf seating.

The city is a remarkable spot to live, work, and play. Its residents can access both Opa-Locka, and Miami International Airports, and the Miami Port. Also located in the city are the Amtrak, Tri-Rail, and Metro-Rail Stations available for both locals and tourists.

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