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This city is formerly known as the Town in Broward County, in Florida, USA. It has a total population of 1,835 based on the 2020 census, encompassing a section of the Miami metropolitan area.

The city is found in northeastern Broward Province, along the Atlantic Sea. It is on the south conclusion of the obstruction island provincially known as Deerfield Cay or Deerfield Shoreline Island. The city features an overall surface region of 1.5 square miles, of which 0.35 square miles is available and 1.1 square miles is water.

The city is also known as "Moguls' Mile". Its name is taken from the Earl of Hillsborough, who acquired huge blessings of land from the King of England while Florida is still an English belonging. The 3.2-mile strip along Florida State Road is officially known as "Hillsboro Mile" in the city's limits, and it's the main focal street in the city.

Located in the city are some engaging sceneries and signature experiences such as the Hillsboro Inlet Light, Gen Spa, and Easton Watersports. Giving fascinating and eye-catching panorama in the city are Seabonay Beach Resort and Sunrise Ocean Suites.

The city restos and bars provide delicate and delicious recipes like Feijao Com Arroz and Offerdahl’s. Explore the midtown region for exhibition halls and boutique or heavenly dinner. The city has a heavenly five-course dinner at the café decorated in its midtown area.

Locals and tourists could watch some interesting and wonderful shows at the theater or simply stroll along down the downtown avenue, watching individuals meander past. You could read some newspaper while tasting hot espresso at one of the bistros dissipated all through the town. 

Students in the city have Cresthaven Elementary School and Crystal Lake Middle School for their academic purposes and needs.

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