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Enjoy Jensen Beach on Limo

This seaside town is a statistics-assigned place in the county of Martin, Florida, in the USA. This CDP town holds a territory of 6.96 square miles of land, and 1.21 square miles of water. The community comprises of 13,317 residents as of the 2020 enumerations.

Formerly recognized as the "Pineapple Capital of the World", the town is a portion of the Port St. Lucie, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area tucked into the state's East Coast between Fort Pierce and West Palm Beach.

Suitably, the pineapple is an image of cordiality, and the city satisfies this trademark each day. The place is a peaceful and serene riverfront and seaside location with pristine shining seashores, abundant fishing area, and eccentric midtown.

With its significant malls, various claims to fame stores, and bizarre boutiques, the city’s zone is prestigious as a retail shopping plaza of the Treasure Coast Square Mall. The downtown’s Jammin’ Jensen offers an enchanting alley of live entertainment, dining, and enjoyment available for locals and tourists all year round.

The water-lover will discover drifting, cruising, fishing, skiing, surfing, and scuba plunging within the city. The town additionally draws in a few types of extinct ocean turtles during their settling seasons.

Creatively-crafted cottages lined up with carved pineapples and post fences exude the artistic side of local artists. Enclosing the city’s area are classical porch-fronted residentials and high-end feasting and restaurants colorfully inspired by Caribbean colors.

Located at the famous Gilbert’s Bar in the city holds the House of Refuge which is the only one left for its kind. The historical landmark is the oldest building in the county and is classified as one of the members of the National Register of Historic Places.

The Eagle Marsh Golf Club and the Jensen Beach Golf Academy provide opportunities for golf enthusiasts. And the Savannas Preserve State Park restores the natural wildlife that the city treasures too.

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