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The city is earlier named Lake Worth and it is located in Palm Beach County, in Florida, USA. The city is located about 64 miles north of Miami; its name from the body of water with its eastern borderline recognized as the Lake Worth Lagoon. 

As of the year 2020, the population calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau is 38,652. 

Lake Worth Beach is bordering West Palm Beach to the north, and Lantana to the south, and just about 63 miles north of Downtown Miami. Based on the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total surface area of 6.46 square miles, of which is 5.64 square miles is land and 0.86 square miles is water.

Considered as the “Jewel” in the 20th century, the city offers a handful of world-class beaches that engage locals and visitors for water adventures and exciting beach sports for families and groups. The annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival transforms the public museum into a beautiful asphalt canvas.

Golf lovers would appreciate the West Palm Beach Golf Course area where they could play golf in sandy terrain. Kids and kids-at-heart would love the city’s beautiful amusement parks such as the Casino Arcade, the Sunset Ridge Park, the Alladin Amusement, and the RC Kreusler Park.

The Lake Worth Beach Public Library tells the interesting history of this successful city. And the city also has a number of churches open for residents and visitors at any time of the day. And every shopaholic should take a visit to the city’s Town and Country Shopping Center for unlimited shopping opportunities.

The city’s higher education is being served by the Palm Beach Community College, providing easy access to higher education for the students residing in the area.

The nearest major airport available in the city is the Palm Beach International Airport.

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