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The port, typically known as Port Miami, is a significant and primary seaport situated in Biscayne Bay at the beginning section of the Miami River in Miami, Florida. Book us, we provide Port of Miami limousine service.

It is the biggest traveler port on the planet and one of the biggest freight ports in the USA. The Port Boulevard which is a land bridge connects the port to Downtown Miami, and the Port Miami Tunnel connects the port to the nearby Watson Island.

The port is situated on the historic Dodge Island. Formerly named Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami, the port is named out of appreciation for renowned former Congressman Dante Fascell. It provides about 334,500 occupations and has a yearly industrial share of $43 billion to the Florida territory.

The port is a significant economic provider to nearby local southern Florida and neighboring states. Recognized as a world-class port, it is considered as one of the high-end ports on the planet that provide both cruise transports and containerized load. 

Also titled the "Cruise Capital of the World", it is the busiest cruise and passenger seaport (a limousine service haven) on the planet. It serves some of the world-renowned cruise lines like the Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney, and many more.

It also caters to the home port of the biggest cruise ship on the planet by net weight, the Symphony of the Seas. An estimated over 5.5 million voyage travelers go through the port annually.

Also called the "Cargo Gateway of the Americas", Port of Miami basically carries the containerized load with modest quantities of breakbulk, vehicles, and mechanical hardware. It is the ninth biggest compartment port in the United States and the biggest in the Florida area. The financial effect from freight operations at this largest seaport to Florida adds up to $35 billion.

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