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Party Bus - Palm Beach

Party bus and limousine van are perfect for corporate or group outings that require transporting quite a number of passengers in style either to an event or to/from the airport.  The Minibus is also perfect for shuttling wedding guests from one location to the next.  It has comfortable seating, nice cold air conditioning, and an entertainment system.  It can accommodate up to 30 people and without luggage or 24 seaters with luggage.

Are you looking for transportation that could accommodate 10 passengers, but you don't want to transfer from multiple cars just to get to your destination? 

Try our party van with a sitting capacity of 10 people ideal for traveling with your family and loved ones. This vehicle is designed for corporate transportation service. It has been developed and remodeled as a luxury beast. If you are organizing a celebration for your birthdays, checking out big games, or concert shows, try our luxury limousines for group transport as your ride for the night. Get your free quote with no hidden charges to pay, and count on us to drive you safe.

Why Should You Rent A Limo Bus in Palm Beach?

There are tons of reasons why you should rent this type of group transportation.

But primarily, if you want to travel with your colleagues, acquaintances or loved ones but you're less than 10 individuals; then this intuitive ride is a spacious vehicle for you to consider. You can take this limousine van to:

  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties. Take the entire gang and never worry about how to go home when on a drinking spree. You can depend on us to drive you safely and keep everything confidential.
  • Concert or Sporting Events. Going to concerts or sporting matchups is a lot more fun with friends to and from the venue. Make the best out of the trip by singing and dancing while traveling. Plug-in your device and start getting crazy all you want.
  • Special Occasions. Christening, weddings, and other occasions can be extra special with a moving get-together fun. Treat your guests by making them enjoy the views from inside or just keep them entertained with the installed first-class audio system.
  • Prom Night. Go to prom with a style. Make it memorable, and invite your close friends to come along with you.
  • Night Outs. Go out and make the best of the little time you have by partying in your ride while traveling to wherever you wish.
  • Corporate Travel. Give enough space and extra comfort to your team or associates.

We also have a wide range collection of limousines that you can choose from that has a seating capacity of ten or more seaters, but this very specific chauffeured service will allow everybody to stand up and move around. You can also bring your mobile phone or iPod and hook it up to our limo bus and play your favorite jam, and have your private dance floor as we take you to your destination.

How much does it cost to rent one?

The price of our limo party bus rental will vary heavily based on some factors to be considered. The availability of limo buses in almost all the companies in the United States can offer this transport and every single limousine company offers different prices. 

When you log on to Parklimo.net and search for your luxury ground transportation, we include features that can help you in comparing this type of comfortable ride's prices from other chauffeured-driven car service types. In that way, you can pick the right car fit for your budget. Overtime fees can also affect the charges on your bill, so make sure to plan your itinerary before renting for your ride.

Here are the cost factors that you need to keep in mind:
  1. Season and Day. There are seasons and days where renting is expensive. Holiday seasons and weekends are slightly expensive as compared to regular days and Tuesdays.
  2. Duration. The longer you want your chauffered-driven bus to be with you, the higher the price. Think of paying somebody on an hourly basis. You may however get discounted prices or promotion packages for longer hours ie. 7 hours. Negotiate with your dispatcher.
  3. Gratuity. This is oftentimes included in your booking especially for wedding packages. For normal bookings, the gratuity is the product of the cost multiplied by 15% or 20%, depending on the service rendered.
  4. Specific requests. You may request specific wines or any other beverages on your way to your destination at an extra charge. You'll never know you need one to celebrate your success. This is definitely optional, but not to be overlooked when booking.


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