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It is a statistics-assigned village in the county of Martin, FL, United States. The total population is 5,927 based on the 2020 census. It is the northernmost district in South Florida to the Miami urban area. The area is located 18 miles north of West Palm Beach, and 82 miles north of Miami. 

Based on the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total surface area of 2.2 square miles, of which 1.83 square miles is land and 0.42 square miles is water. And it is part of the West Palm Beach Boca Raton metropolitan area.

The city got its name from the Tequesta Indian local tribe, also known as the Indian translation of Biscayne Bay. And as of today’s town standing, the area is already a high-end location in its county benefiting easy access to its neighboring towns and cities.

Tourists spend a day when they go to the famous Coral Cove Park because of its eye-popping ocean sights, and limitless choices to swim or snorkel in the waters. The natural sandstone is the most attractive feature of the tourist spot, along with other breathtaking wonders of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge.

The village offers a vibrant lifestyle and tradition for its residents, which also attracts its visitors to consider living at their place. The local government of Tequesta leads the town’s numerous and diverse annual festivals and events, adding up to its high tourism percentage.

And like other Florida cities and towns, lovely public parks are decorated in its community. Spots like these offer a wide space and opportunities for locals and visitors to relax, recreate, and just enjoy life in this South Florida area.

People who want to go and travel from this city have Palm Beach International Airport, serving as the nearest international airport in the area.

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